Why Movadore – office relocation Bucharest?

Relocation services 24/7 at competitive prices

Complete services

We offer not just basic relocation services, but also related handymen, cleaning and assembling services.

Insured goods

We offer you up to EUR25.000 insurance for your goods during transportation.

Experience in our field of activity

Young and proactive team available 24/7, experienced in goods transportation activity.

Free cost quotation

A Movadore agent will come to your place for a free evaluation.

Competitive prices

Prices that fit your budget.

Suitable tools

The best tools and equipments for safely transporting your goods.

Why Movadore?

Movadore is the perfect partner when it comes to headquarter relocation. We grant you to find optimal solutions for your headquarter relocation, according to your specific needs, so that your company’s activity will not be affected. Relocation activity can take place outside the work hours, in weekend or during the night.

Because Movadore is organising daily more office and private residence relocations, we truely believe that what makes us special and better than other companies in this field is our ability to understand our clients and offer them the perfect adapted and customized relocation service.

Thanks to increased attention that Movadore pays to the office relocation activity, a specialized adviser in these kind of operations will be assigned to every single project. He will be present since the begginning of relocation consultations, but also during the operations supervising and guiding the team members in order to have a secured, quick and adapted to your needs relocation process. All the operations will be done based on a contract carefully conceived.

Movadore has a modern vans parc, adapted to the new trends in this market field. We offer you different van types with different load volumes from 8 sq. m to 45 sq. m, from 3,5 tones to 7,5 tones. In addition all our vans are equipped with GPS system, so that your goods will be tracked permanently and also you will exactly know the arrival time of the van for loading and/or unloading.

To choose Movadore as your trusted partner for your next local or international relocation will be the best decision that you could take. We are offering high quality services at a price that will suit your needs and budget.

What Movadore offers?

Every order will be carefully executed by our team:
● quick services, efficient ad reliable 24/7, without interruptions of company's activity;
● planned relocations and completely managed from beginnning to end;
● professional service of disassembly, reassembly and setup on final position of furniture pieces;
● cleaning service available for your offices on your new and old location;
● storage box rental and delivery of storage boxes before relocation;
● special boxes for special items (dishes/ glassware, bottles, fragile items boxes);
● packing with highest quality materials;
● protection of your personal and company data;
● possibility of disposal and recycling of used furniture and office used equipments;
● abroad office relocation possibility;
● safe recycling of unwanted CDs, DVDs and hard drives;
● relocation procedure fully insured up to EUR100000.

To offer you fast, efficient and secure relocation services, we provide you our active support 24/7. Beginning with the furniture wrapping, going further to assure a suitable vehicle and ending with your goods delivered at you chosen destination, the reliability and the work ethics of Movadore team, will make you a no stress, effortlessly, and free of muscle fever relocation day.

Your needs are our main priority. Therefore we invite you to ask and advice from one of our agents to get a time and price quotation tailored to your needs.

Steps of a succesful relocation

Phone contact

Free evaluation

Planning & Coordination

Packing goods


Unpacking & Final settlement

Complete services

Loyal to your needs, Movadore ofers integrated services to make your movement a real success.